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Some things I think about when I can’t sleep:

”Was Craigduff distilled at Glen Keith or Strathisla? I mean, really?” ”Which Loch Lomond pot-still distillate is SMWS 135.1?” ”Did Littlemill really install a Saladin box like two decades before everyone else?” ”What would Glenmorangie taste like if they didn’t cut to feints so late in distillation, and could my source really be correct in that they cut that late?” ”Is there a list somewhere detailing when different single malt brands were first released, not counting the period before WWII?” ”Why does the Scotch whisky industry care so little about yeast when it obviously has such an impact on taste? Or do they care, but they have decided not to talk so much about that question?” ”Why are there no bottlings from the distillery Speyside by SMWS?” ”What’s the source for the claim that Glengoyne stopped with floor malting already in 1910, like half a century before other distilleries? If yes, where did they get their malt?” ”Who’s going to buy Glenturret and the Cutty Sark brand?” ”Will Glenfiddich be the biggest malt distillery on the planet in terms of LPA production once that extra unit is up and running in 2019?” ”Will that unit be called Glenfiddich 2? If not, isn’t that the perfect example of how difficult it is to define the term ‘distillery’?” ”Why oh why oh why didn’t I get a chance to buy that first Daftmill release?” ”Is the Huntly distillery ever going to be built, or what?” ”Are Pulteney’s worm tubs really made out of steel, not copper?” ”Is there, somewhere, a book which presents all bourbon distilleries from say 1880–today?” ”Will Australian whisky be the next big thing after Japanese whisky, or are the distilleries there simply too small to take that place?” ”What’s up with Billy Walker’s penchant for doing a capital letter in the middle of distillery names?” ”How come so many of the new distilleries in Europe use hybrid stills, when whisky produced in such stills is almost without exception obviously inferior?” ”What are the things that people in the industry claim today, which will be considered the weirdest in ten years’ time?” ”Would it be possible to do a table of chemical compounds and flavours and relate the presence of these in whiskies ONLY to the length of fermentation?” ”Is the industry right now doing massive overproduction, so we are actually in the midst of the creation of a new and much bigger whisky loch?” ”Are the Thompson brothers and the Sponge really poking fun at Speyburn with their constant banter, or do they consider it an underrated malt whisky?” ”Everbody says 1494 for that famous quote about the eight bolls of malt, but where oh where did I read that the book in which the line appears covers the years 1494 and 1495, and that the notation is actually from 1495?” ”Why do I have such troubles finding the actual parliamentary Acts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries concerning whisky online, when I do find the scanned books containing all the Acts?” ”When will we have we reached Peak Price?” ”Have we reached Peak Marketing flim-flam?” ”Have I reached Peak Anorak?” ”Why was Ladybank never built?” ”Would it be possible to construct a pot still which could be connected to three different types of condensers (worm tubs, shell and tube made out of copper, shell and tube made out of stainless steel) and by playing with the temperature of the water produce at least six different distillates even without beginnig to tamper with malt specifications and/or cut points?” ”They say having a steady supply of water is imperative for distilleries, yet several Australian distilleries are built in old airport hangars far away from water sources, how is that possible?” ”What’s the measure for gravity and what is it that is being measured in ’high gravity worts’?” ”Will the new whiskies from Rosebank be as magificent as the old ones?” ”What’s the Vorlauf process?” ”Is a stripping still the same thing as a rectifier?” ”Are the industry’s arguments for NAS about not having older whiskies in the warehouses hypocritical, and is the real reason actually the tiny decline in sales of blended whisky over time?” ”Would a 5 YO Ardbeg taste nice, and what would it be like?” ”Which of today’s distilleries are either closed or mothballed in fifteen years’ time?” ”Which is the best entry-level, age-statement single malt?” ”If Kilchoman did their 100% Islay at 46% and used the exact same cask policy as for Machir Bay in producing it, what would the differences be?” ”Why is Springbank objectively and without question the best distillery on the planet?” ”Do vintages in whisky really matter that much, or are Serge and Angus just showing off?” ”Why was Loch Dhu ever bottled?” ”Is the extensive use of Gaelic in the whisky industry actually kind of colonial and should it not be analysed from a post-colonial perspective?” ”What does attenuation of wash mean?”

Welcome to my brain.

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  1. Johan 27 juni 2018

    Tack för insikten i din hjärna! Vill passa på att fråga, apropå ” Is the extensive use of Gaelic in the whisky industry actually kind of colonial and should it not be analysed from a post-colonial perspective?”. Är det inte vad även Box (förlåt, High coast distillery) gör när de namnger sin whisky med ett samiskt namn (Dállve alltså)? Jag har aldrig sett en same i Marieberg. Med omnejd. Hur tänkte de egentligen?

    • David Tjeder 29 juni 2018 — Postförfattare

      Där håller jag absolut med dig, Johan. Att plocka samiska ord för svenska whiskies med noll koppling till samisk kultur är långt ifrån oproblematiskt, särskilt om man dessutom gör det för att få whiskyn att låta lite exotisk och nästangaelisk.

  2. El Gold 28 juni 2018

    Brilliant set of questions! You may never sleep again!!

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