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8 mars 2016
av David Tjeder
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If you love Ardbeg, you must love Ballantine’s

Today’s lesson in whisky history explains why lovers of Ardbeg need to show Ballantine’s some love. Here is the incontrovertible logic leading to this truth: Before I explain why this is, let’s take a look at the psychology of the … Läs vidare

2 mars 2016
av David Tjeder
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Amrut Spectrum: a fantastic whisky

Let’s hold off with the details concerning the production and just throw ourselves into the tasting notes, shall we? If you prefer reading about how the whisky was made, just skip to the end. On the nose: like most Amruts, … Läs vidare

3 februari 2016
av David Tjeder
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The first single malt release from Ailsa bay: peat and vanilla

First releases from any distillery always tickle the imagination. This time, the first single malt relase from Ailsa bay, a peated NAS bottled at an impressive 48.9 ABV. Let’s jump straight into the tasting notes, shall we? More details further … Läs vidare

18 november 2015
av David Tjeder
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Amrut intermediate sherry

I usually enjoy Amrut. A lot. For me, Kadhambam is just a great whisky, definitely on my top-twenty list of personal favourites; Fusion is a good one; and I really enjoyed naarangi; some of their single casks are really nice, … Läs vidare

13 november 2015
av David Tjeder
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Gender and the world of whisky

Drinking whisky is still an activity dominated by men. And the deeper you delve into the world of whisky, the more men will dominate the debate and discussions. Let’s look at the social forum Malt maniacs & friends. 9356 members … Läs vidare

4 november 2015
av David Tjeder
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Some more illegal bottlings the SWA should definitely pursue

Here’s just a quick follow-up post concerning the matter of Scotch whisky association versus Compass Box. I would now like to suggest some more bottlings that the SWA could attack and prepare for indictment. First, the most obvious choice, and … Läs vidare

29 oktober 2015
av David Tjeder
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The recipes for Flaming heart 5th edition and This is not a luxury whisky

This is a protest post. The Scotch whisky association has reprimanded Compass Box for sharing the recipes of their whiskies Flaming heart (5th edition) and This is not a luxury whisky. Compass Box has been forced to remove the detailed … Läs vidare

6 juli 2015
av David Tjeder
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Diageo’s Distiller’s edition series – an attempt at a complete list

At some point in the mid- to late 1990s, Diageo started releasing versions of their ”six classic malts” which had all been finished in some kind of fortified wine. This series of whiskies, called Distiller’s Edition, are known to whisky … Läs vidare